Video Chat 1 : Jan. 28th

Whiteboard Notes 1/29/16

Using Constraints/Supports:
– movements come from wrist, no constraining around that area.
– perhaps constraining around hand to assist with holding of stylus, like what Melissa does with her over-the-hand assistance while Sara writes.
– perhaps multiple points of support around wrist, forearm and elbow

What will the glove look like?
– how many fingers will it have?
– where will the sound be generated?

Who will put it on?
– give Sara as much freedom as possible to move and learn movements on her own

– no large movements from shoulder or elbow
– no right to left sweeping
– point to location
– has frame which she can move her hand within
– can point to throat or stomach when she is very uncomfortable, it takes a lot of concentration and energy on her part.

Thoughts/facts on stylus and how she interacts with iPad and existing app.
– can not hold the stylus so the point of it hits the pad
– holds it in a manner that only allows the side of the tip to brush up against the iPad surface, which does not trigger or land in boxes of app that trigger sound.

Video is below, it is password protected for Sara’s privacy, you should have the email via email.


sarasGloveVid1 from lara grant on Vimeo.