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  Heating elements made from conductive thread

  • different kinds of thread
  • heating element circuit
  • what’s a transistor?




Using Conductive Thread as a Heating Element

Thread some conductive thread and knot the end.

IMG_9926 copy

Stitch a design.

IMG_9927 copy

Grab some fabric paint medium and thermochromic pigments.
IMG_9928 copy

Mix it up in a cup.


Paint over your design. The medium will determine how opaque, thick, etc. the end result will be.

Let it dry, use a hairdryer or carefully use a heat gun to quickly dry it.

Stitch a second design, you can layer multiple designs to reveal different colors beneath the top layers.


Heating Element Circuit
1 x TIP120 transistor
1 x heating element with thermochromic print design
1 x breadboard or perf board
1 x switch
1 x microcontroller
1 x battery source (3.7 LiPo or 2 AAs)
alligator leads

Hook up the circuit as pictured.

Use a breadboard for the transistor if you need.

Use alligator leads to connect to your heating element.


Code for Heating Element Circuit

Copy and paste below code, change pin number if necessary. Alter this final code to meet the requirements for the Dynamic Textile assignment.