Documentation Requirements

Documentation Requirements for your individual webpages. This will be added to and you will be notified in class of due dates. 


Feb. 17th

Week 4

Everyone must have their own individual page for documentation. All group work must be posted on everyone in the groups page separately. Sharing information between pages is ok, but it’s very important to have your own voice and your own space for documentation and observations. Treat it as a journal with visual aids. 

The minimum number of items you need to put on your webpage by Feb. 26th are listed below. You are being graded on documentation and this is how you are turning in your assignments, so putting these items up is a must to pass this class.

Get in the habit of taking photographs and writing something you have learned and observed every week!

High-five Switch

  1. picture of where the hands hit and area of hand you chose to design for
  2. pic of switch on hand
  3. Paragraph describing how you made the switch and how it behaved when you tested it.

Sara’s Glove 1st proto

  1. Names of everyone in your group and choose a group name, this name will be useful for Sara’s family when addressing the gloves and groups in feedback.
  2. Picture of design sketches and any images used for inspiration
  3. Description of design
  4. One observation that you made from speaking with Cortney and Sara’s family that lead to a design choice. Explain design choice too. 
  5. Process pictures of first prototype
  6. Questions for Sara’s family to answer when testing your project.

———————————— Due April 22nd —————————

Sara’s Glove 1st proto feedback

  1. record observations from video and photo feedback
  2. write down next steps for prototype 2

Sara’s Glove 2nd proto

  1. pictures of process,
    1. address the changes one by one (example: button didn’t work here, so I will put here instead for proto 2)
  2. questions for Sara’s family to answer when testing your project.

Link to Instructable of Technique

  1. Short description of technique chosen and why you found it valuable.

———————————— Due May 6th —————————

Dynamic Textile

  1. Brief description of concept.
  2. Process: experiments and building of final swatch
  3. Circuit diagram of finished circuit
  4. Video and photos of final switch in action

Sara’s Glove 3rd proto

  1. pictures of process,
    1. state the improvements you are making to the 2nd prototype