Design Points and Info About Sara : Feb. 2nd

Sound Output

– responds to sound, sound as output is confirmed.
–  she enjoys playful and quirky sounds
– her dad is a pianist and her mom is a classical singer, she may have some underlying musical talent.
– she can hear, she likes noise, she has shown movements. the question is, if she is giving a greater incentive, will she repeat that motion.
– sound is key and can be a reward as an assistance.
– she laughed at hearing marbles in the can
– when she is cognitively there, an aide with sound can help solidify her motion and encourage
– sound as a reward and a way to encourage Sara to learn how to move, she thinks “every time I hear noise when I move my fingers, I want to keep moving them”

Sara’s Movements
-what is her frame of movement?
– she was taught what thumbs up was, she can’t see it, she is visually impaired, she is not completely blind, she has a sliding frame, blurry.
– her movements are made softly and slowly
– mostly moves left had.
– when hand is in fist, middle and index can move, she may be able to learn how to move others with the right tool.
– movements: pointer finger, index finger and thumbs up
– get Sara’s movements from first prototype, design something that can read her movements
– can’t move on command, does it when she is ready
– teachers have seen her give two thumbs up, they showed her, then she was able to do it on her own.

Sara’s Comfort and Attention
– not be able to swallow properly, she is always uncomfortable
– understands what people are saying to her

Visual Impairment/Eye Technology
– visually impaired, eye gaze technology, able to blink?

iPad and App
– iPad – has little boxes that she can press and she can say some, it’s hard for her to get to the boxes and press. can’t read touch, the box is placed in front of her finger, it’s slid over. and her touch is too light.

Glove Design
– favorite color has been aqua, wrote purple last chat.
– glove should be soft and not constricted, flex sensors around first two fingers and wrist
– helping Sara communicate with her teachers and her physical therapist
– from the first video chat, it is even more apparent that Sara needs a voice, she was very uncomfortable and needed to use the bathroom and have her suction changed, which may have been communicated beforehand if she had a tool that could aide her in doing so.