02/26 Sara’s Glove First Prototype

  1. Names of everyone in your group and choose a group name, this name will be useful for Sara’s family when addressing the gloves and groups in feedback. Choose a name for your team and title the page

               Bao Xiu Yuan (Sam)   Nanfang Gong (Nally)

              NS’s prototype 1

  1. Picture of design sketches and any images used for inspiration

               Screenshot 2016-02-26 05.43.16

      3. Description of design

It is a glove that could help Sara communicates (greeting, asking for help) and easy to use pen (writing and drawing). Our design concentrates more on its convenience and communication. There is only thumb and index finger cover in this glove within 3 buttons around. There is also a wrist bracelet helping to support her hand and move around. The side of the hand is connected with Velcro, which could let her easy to take off.

  1. One observation that you made from speaking with Cortney and Sara’s family that lead to a design choice. Explain design choice too.

From one of our observation, she seems get used to make her hand in a “cross mark” gesture. She likes to put her thumb backward, which we made button for both thumb and the part she will definitely touched while she put back her thumb.

  1. Picture it on/someone using it

Screenshot 2016-02-25 22.24.24 Screenshot 2016-02-25 22.24.37

6. Video Documentary

There is a link of the video.

First prototype

7. Questions about Sara’s family to answer when testing your project. Clearly listed items that you want to get out of the feedback video (no more than 3)

               1). Which part do you think need more progress?

               2). Do you feel comfortable with the glove?

Feedback for first prototype:

Q1: What’s the length of her thumb?

A: Will update soon. Better tried with kid gloves.

Q2: Does she feel comfortable with the glove? Is it possible for Sara to reach the buttons?

A: Right now it is fine. It is still challenging for her with the buttons.

Q3: How is Sara’s response towards the LED lights? Is it better with generating sounds?

A: Sara likes to have sound respond. It is great to have a speaker on.

Based on feedback, our goal for next:

It is better to have it move up towards the tip of the finger or rise up the height of the button for her to reach easily.

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