Tianna Mackey

In Class Exercise 1

In Class Exercise 2

Testing Prototype 1 


Two knit sensors

For prototype 1 we initially tried to create a glove that Jose could use to communicate up to three different phrases. In our first meeting with him we all decided that, yes, no, and away to page the staff were the ones we wanted to focus on.

When we first met Jose, we thought creating a flex sensor that would wrap around his index finger would give us the best readings.

Button force sensor.

Prototype 1 involved two flex sensors, one on the finger, and one on the wrist.

Early force sensor concept.



Morgan’s schematics for the bend sensor circuit



Unfortunately while testing our first prototype, we realized that Jose was uncomfortable with any pressure or metal contact on his hand. We also realized that he doesn’t bend his finger, but rather points it up or down.


Prototype 2