Speculative Design Project

Wearable and Soft Interactions
Spring 2017
Instructor: Lara Grant

Speculative Design Project
Duration: 4 weeks

This project is an opportunity to explore the “What if?” scenario of design. Put on your conceptual thinking hats and dream of the not too distant future. 


Must be categorized as a wearable or e-textile using soft circuit techniques learned in class and a microcontroller. 

Examples of Wearable Projects

  • garment
  • accessory
  • headgear
  • bag

Examples of E-textile Projects

  • soft display
  • wall hanging
  • window curtain
  • hand-held device (think soft video game controller)
  • sculptural fiber work

Final Deliverable

1. Sketch/Mood Board

Sketches or collection of images showing inspiration and though behind final design choice.

2. Schematic of circuit

3. Prototype 

Works like prototype. This can be rough. Use conductive fabric and thread. Keep alligator leads to a minimum.

4. Final illustration 

Illustrate the looks like in medium of choice.