Material Resources

Evolving list of materials for building wearable and eTextile projects. Some links are to the manufacturer, some are to distributors.

Local to the Bay Area
        Al Lasher’s
        Central Computers
        Anchor Electronics
        Evil Mad Scientist

Cond. + Resistive Fabrics
Cond. + Resistive Trims, Ribbons and Elastic
Tinsel Trading Company – Best to check metallic  trimming in person with multimeter, or ask for shipped sample – NYC
Cond. + Resistive Thread and Yarn
Prefab Sensors, Buttons and Interfaces
Electronic Components and DIY Kits
Jameco – local!!
Adafruit – great tutorials
Sparkfun – great tutorials
Pololu – particularly good for servos and robotics
ServoCity – everything servo + gearmotors and stepper motors
Miga Motors – muscle wire actuators
Light Up
Cool Neon – EL wire and accessories
Fabric Paints and Pigments
Y-Shield carbon base resistive paint
Solar Color Dust pigments
Matsui – Thermochromic, hydrochromic and other interesting paints and dyes
GloMania – UV sensitive, thermochromic, hydrochromic pigment and paints
Atlanta Chemical Engineering – thermochromic inks, paints and pigments
LCRHallcrest – Liquid crystal, thermochromic, UV and photochromic 
Hardware That is Small, Powerful and/or Designed for Wearables

eTextile and Wearable Websites that Talk About and Review Materials
       eTextile Lounge