Jaden Hong

Class 1 – Conductive Thread LED Circuit

Conductive thread sewn on the fabric with the red LED.

Class 2 – Soft Switch

Conductive thread connected to conductive fabric.

Class 4 – Flex Circuit

1.1K resistor used.


Ability Now Project

Prototype 1 Progress


  • What size of controller / buttons would work best for him?
  • How sensitive should a trigger should be?
  • Can we give him a visual feedback with LED?

Prototype 1 Test

  • Controller and buttons need to be bigger
  • Needs some space between the buttons
  • Stronger attachement between core body and fabric cover

Prototype 2 Progress

  • Bigger size of buttons and spacings
  • The buttons are not sensitive so they don’t get triggered but accident
  • Stronger attachment between layers so they don’t break
  • Programmable color changing LED

Prototype 2 Test

  • Wrap around the fillings are not strong enough
  • The clients could push buttons for awhile – they should be triggered only once even if so
  • Customize the colors of LEDs

Prototype 3 Progress

  • Even bigger size of body, buttons and spacing
  • Clearer way of visual feedback (hidden LED)
  • Relation to the remote he is used to (icons and colors)

Prototype 3 Test

  • Program button that he uses often
  • Need bigger / brighter LED


Material list: LilyPad USB, Adafruit NeoPixel, Wires, Conductive fabric, Snap, LiPo battery, Stretchy cotton (colored buttons and body), White cotton (Icons), Polyester filling, Plastic-like rubber (mid-layer), foam-core board

Presentation at Ability Now

Kevin’s Remote