Interface Show

Spring 2017 Interface Show, May 6, 2017, 7PM – 9:30PM, Oliver Art Center, Oakland campus

Put your name, project’s name and any technical needs in this spreadsheet by April 30th 11:59 pm.

Out class will meet at the gallery May 5th at 9 am. Our schedule is below:

9 am – 12 pm
Personal project presentations. No projectors. Talk about what it is you made, why you made it and how you made it. 

12 pm – 12: 30 pm

12: 30 pm – 2 pm 
Interface show setup

Hello students! This letter is to inform you of the timetable and procedure for
participation in the Spring 2017 Interface Show:

1. I will share with you a spreadsheet for you to enter all the required
information. The deadline for getting this information into the spreadsheet is
April 30th, 11:5p pm.

2. The spreadsheet includes all necessary information such as whether darkness
or light is preferred, equipment desired such as powered speakers, Oakland
Media Center equipment, table/podium/floor, projector, etc.

3. You may request items from the Oakland Media Center that, by special
arrangement, can be returned after the Interface Show (the Media Center is
normally closed by then). The procedure will be that we will check out all the
items and coordinate returning said items to Media Center staff following the
show. All such requests are to be made on the spreadsheet.

4. We are able to install during the entire week of May 1-6. Your project must
be installed by 3pm on May 5th. There will be a schedule of times during the
week when the gallery is open for installation. Other arrangements may be
possible by special arrangement.

5. Your installation must include printed 24 x 36 documentation explaining what
your project is including the info we talked about in class. Tell the story of
how you go from point A to point B. In bite-sized sentences.

6. If you want your personal project in the show you must include that in the
spread sheet.

Below is the schedule for setup and de-installing. We won’t make a formal
schedule, but if you could help during one or more of these times that would be

Setup Saturday May 6 4PM to 7PM:
* Clean the gallery and put away tools, ladders, etc.
* Unload food and drinks from car, get ice, get items from Hybrid Lab, etc.
 * Set up tables with food, drinks, cups, plates, etc.

Deinstall Saturday May 6th 10:00 to 10:30PM:
* If projects are portable you can pack up after the show.

Sunday May 7, 11:00 to 2:00
* Computer equipment and Media Center gear is organized, inventoried and
* Larger projects are deinstalled.
* All cables coiled neatly and taped or ziptied to avoid tangling.
* All Hybrid Lab tools, supplies, and electronics returned to lab and put away.
* Walls and podiums are spackled and painted.
* Floors are swept.

Your projects must be picked up either after the show or Sunday between the
stated times!