Dynamic Textile – Xiuyuan Bao

Dynamic Textile


  • Project Brief:┬áDesign a dynamic textile that changes colors using thermochromic pigments and heating elements. This is your time to go crazy with materials and to get to know electronics better. The look and style of the swatch is up to you, futurist and sci-fi influence recommended.


  • Concept: I decided to create a pattern of classical Michael Jackson’s dance in clip art with the combination of the stage lightening. And get the controller to switch between two different patterns to create the sense of pulsing that matches the feeling of music.


  • Drawing and Design:


  • Wire up the circuit


After testing the work piece, I realized that conductive fabric is not a type of material that can generate heat even though it allows current to go through. So I have to wire up the entire pattern with conductive thread again. I doesn’t look nice, but finally get to work. It is a very good lesson for me.

  • Thermochromic pigment is very fun to work with. And I’ve learnt more about fabric materials. The biggest challenge in this project is about material choice. The fabric I chose easily catch smoke and fire after heating it. And the flexibility makes the circuit hard to be sewed on to it.