dynamic textile

For my dynamic textile project, i decided to play around with hiding different image behind the thermochromic paint.

Before moving on to the final  I tested out with thermochromic paint and different materials like conductive thread, copper tape and conductive fabric.


The idea of final was that first you would see the round shape and the conductive thread was sewn in the shape of sunglasses and leaves of the pineapple. when the circuit is closed, you would see the round shape turning into a pineapple.


I laser cutted the pineapple pattern so i can stencil the paint onto the fabric.


process shot


I put pink thermocromic paint over the thread but the thread didn’t heat up. I think it either short-circuited or didn’t have enough power to get through the whole start-end thread.

File_003 File_000(2)


Final textile!

the circuit worked! I ended up using black thermocromic paint because other colours such as pink or red didn’t cover up the yellow and green colours i painted (regular paint). But the black thermocronic paint didn’t turn transparent when heated so all you can see here is white lines. But if it was a black thermocromic paint that turned clear, you would’ve been able to see the green on the leaves and yellow on the body part.

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